Projects to do list


My sewing machine is back.  I was without it for almost 2 weeks while it was undergoing routine maintenance.  I spent most of yesterday trying to get caught up on projects.  Below is a list of projects that I hope to get done soon.

1.  Sew the 10 remaining diapers to complete a full 4 dozen.  I got 3 of those done yesterday.

2.  Sew more diaper liners and cloth wipes. I was able to whip these out yesterday.

3.  Complete 4 dress each girl (8 dresses total) for everyday wear.  One down 7 to go.

4.  I have 4 jeans, pants or capri’s for each girl (8 total) that I am going to turn into this cute little skirt.   My way home is a great site with some fun ideas.  Try this great idea with discarded jeans or pants.  The girls and I have gone mostly dresses, except when we ride horses (although I have found a fantastic pattern for western riding split skirt.

5.  Western riding split skirt–one for myself and each girl (3 total).


I think this is a long enough list for now.  More updates as I get these projects done.  What is on your projects list?


Random thoughts

I mentioned in yesterday’s post about our weeks menus that I am feeling ill.  Tobin come home early yesterday afternoon and took the kids for a few hours.  After a nice long nap, I felt well enough to at least check my emails.  Here are two fun ideas that I want to pass on to you.  I have been feeling crafty recently and these would be so fun to try with the children.

The DIY Dish is a great fun site hosted by twin sisters Kim and Kris.  This is a great ideas and a fantastic way to repurpose a wool sweater that has shrunk.

Next year we will be studying colonial US history to World War 1.  I have been looking for a US map to mark where our studies take us.  This is a great idea for a US (or any map really) map.  This is also a very fun site.  Check out Life Blessons.

Show and Tell–Sewing

A couple of weeks ago I got an entire Sunday to sew.  I have promised to share some of my projects with you.  I first must say that I am a total novice at sewing.  I have never had a lesson but was able to sew a straight seam.  A friend gave me her sewing machine a couple of years ago and I have been obsessed with learning how to sew.  With two little girls to sew for how could I not.  So this is the first of 3 blogs about the projects I have been working on.

Diapers.  I have been sewing diapers.  These are the wonderful diapers I have been sewing.

The pattern is the KCK One pattern.  Once you learn to sew the welt pocket (the site has great tutorials that walk you right through the process these diapers sew up very quickly.  I ordered my fabric at a great price at Wazoodle.  They are all in one.  I used a PUL fabric for the outside and Polyester suedecloth for the inside.  They are working great.  I need to post pictures of my cute little guys bottoms in these diapers.

What makes this project even more fun is my new little tool.  I got it with some birthday money this summer.

They came in a kit from  A great price, a good product and it came with snaps to get started right away.

Later this week I will post more pictures of my sewing projects.

For now what I will do is leave you with some sites with great patterns and ideas for sewing your own projects.  But I have to mention the pattern that I am most obsessed with right now.  I have made 4 dresses for the girls (2 each) using this pattern.  Check it out and give it a try– Great tutorial and cute pattern. Free patterns Great patterns at a great price really nice fitting skirt take the challenge nice patterns and modest swimwear An exhaustive list of modest clothing/patterns sites Great articles on modesty tutorials

A special treat

Sewing Day

I have a sewing day scheduled for tomorrow.  Tobin is taking all the kids tomorrow and they will have a daddy day.  All the children are so excited.  And I am so excited because I will have a day of uninterrupted time to sew.  Sewing is what I have been doing all summer any spare moment I could find.  I have several projects I have been working on that I hope to share pictures.

I have about an hours worth of organizational work, putting up a shelf, moving a few things around and finding homes for other thing but then the rest of the day is sewing projects.  I have 4 dresses already cut out and two diapers I need to finish.

Below I am listing a few sites that I have found great ideas, projects and patterns.

I have material to make at least 2 aprons.  These are the apron patterns I am looking at doing.   If you have a moment Stop Staring and… Start Sewing…because it’s fun has other great tutorials and patterns–several really fun patterns–check them out.

Craft stew has a huge list of free patterns and tutorials–so much fun!

I came across this website tonight, You can make this–what a neat website .  When you sign up for all their newsletters you receive over 40 free patterns, digi designs, embroidery designs and tutorials.  I will be spending sometime tomorrow going over these new projects and deciding which ones I will do next.

Fave Crafts has free ebooks of projects, patterns and ideas.  Fave Crafts covers all kinds of crafting.  Their newsletter is worth subscribing to.

I never realized that About had patterns but they d0–more  free patterns. has a wonderful photo gallery of sewing rooms to droll over.  What does you sewing/craft room look like?  I will have to post about my new room.  This summer my husband moved his home office out of the house and now have his office at the church.  I love having a space to call my own and be able to spread my projects out and leave them out if I have to.

Tomorrow evening I hope to have several pictures to show and tell what I have done with my crafting day.