Day 2 Back to School

Today was our second day back to school, in our first school room and our new schedule.  See Sunday’s post, Our Curriculum,  for pictures of our school room and basic schedule.  Tuesday is our coop/extracurricular activity day.  This year we are doing horses.  So after a morning of Character Sketches, Bible, Scripture memory and Math we were off to see the horses.  Although all the children have been exposed to the horses and are comfortable around them, today was our first official riding lesson.  They learned basic grooming, saddling the horse, proper mounting and dismounting, basic riding (all done at a walk) and leading the horse back to the barn, unsaddling and proper care for the tack.  They did a great job and are so excited to do this on a regular basis.

Before I began this post I finished updated our school record keeping.  This is another area I have changed or updated this year.  I am using an amazing online software Homeschool Skedtrack .  I am so impressed with this program.  They have very easy to follow video tutorials that explain every step of the setup and daily operation process.  The best part is that the software is FREE.  After many dollars and countless planners, systems and software, I believe I have finally found one that works for us.  Check it out for yourself, Homeschool Skedtrack.


Hymn Study

Have you added Hymn study to your homeschool curriculum.  Okay, okay.  I know what you are thinking.  “How can I possibly add one more thing to my homeschool day?”  Studying hymns in a lot easier to do than you may think.  Center for Church Music: Songs and Hymns is a great resource that you can easily add to your day.  Just make sure you are logged in before school starts.  You can pick a hymn and play the little intro before or after bible class or it can be a great break in between a difficult subject.  Pick one hymn a week.  Soon you will hear your children’s sweet voices singing hymns throughout the day.

We will resume homeschool August 30.  I am finalizing our school room, curriculum and schedule.  I will post on those soon.  Happy planning to those of you still planning and I pray all is going well to those already schooling.