Random thoughts

I mentioned in yesterday’s post about our weeks menus that I am feeling ill.  Tobin come home early yesterday afternoon and took the kids for a few hours.  After a nice long nap, I felt well enough to at least check my emails.  Here are two fun ideas that I want to pass on to you.  I have been feeling crafty recently and these would be so fun to try with the children.

The DIY Dish is a great fun site hosted by twin sisters Kim and Kris.  This is a great ideas and a fantastic way to repurpose a wool sweater that has shrunk.

Next year we will be studying colonial US history to World War 1.  I have been looking for a US map to mark where our studies take us.  This is a great idea for a US (or any map really) map.  This is also a very fun site.  Check out Life Blessons.


Free resources

I will be random today and share some neat and free resources I have found recently.

The Crafty classroom is a great site with some fun ideas for your classroom.  What I was excited about was their daily task cards.  Click on the logo below to go to that page.  I am currently revamping our schedule and I have been looking for something to make it easier for my non-readers (there are 4 of them) to be able to follow the schedule on their own.  These daily task cards will help.  We use the workbox system.  Click here to learn more about the workbox schooling method (system).


Head of the class is a fantastic free curriculum resource.  I find it very helpful because I put together my own curriculum from our favorite resources.  Head of the Class helps me make sure that I have covered everything for each grade level.  It has also served as a great spring board of ideas, especially for the preschool and kindergarten years.