Happy Mother’s Day

mother's dayHappy Mother’s Day to all our lovely mothers out there.  I pray you are having a good day with your mother.  We are enjoying Tobin’s mother in Michigan.

And yes, we are still on the road steadily moving on our last leg of our USA adventure.  I just realized I left all of you hanging with my last post.  I left us still stranded out in the middle of Texas.  But the Lord has watched over us and we have been able to keep moving along.  I will continue the daily post in order to catch all of you up to our adventures.

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes.



USA Adventure Day 24

day 24


We awoke bright and early Sabbath morning.  Tobin had gone online and decided it would be fun to visit Ephesus Seventh-Day Adventist Church.DSCF9484 (800x600)

We felt very welcomed and enjoyed a very nice, very formal service.  It was neat to experience something different that what we are use to.

DSCF9482 (800x600)


After a little rest and as the sun was beginning to set we decided to go for a walk in downtown San Antonio.DSCF9488 (600x800)

The first place we found ourselves was the Alamo.  It was great to look at and remember the history connected with this place.

DSCF9489 (800x600) DSCF9491 (800x600)

A quiet and peaceful way to end the Sabbath.





DSCF9498 (800x600)


We are looking forward to coming back tomorrow and exploring the whole riverwalk.

USA Adventure Day 23

Although you can easily spend days touring the caverns our crew was all explored out after yesterdays adventure.  We decided to head on down the road.

DSCF9468 (640x480) DSCF9471 (640x480)

We did want to make a stop at the Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  We have unofficially made it a goal to visit every National Park and Monument that is in our path.  So far we have hit 10.

DSCF9473 (640x480) DSCF9475 (640x480)

The temperature was climbing and our hikers were still tired so we just enjoyed the scenery from our van windows as we drove by.

DSCF9478 (640x166) DSCF9479 (640x480)


We just kept driving and finally found ourselves in San Antonio, Texas.  We were racing the sun to find a room for the night.  Unfortunately we did not realize that easter weekend is a very big holiday in San Antonio.  All the hotels were booked.  We did finally find something and everyone was very thankful for their cool beds.  It is hot is Texas.

Vacation Report

After Christmas, we took some time away for some R&R. We typically don’t take too much time away because things tend to pile up. However this time, we planned to relax and enjoy each other (NO OTHER AGENDA). Funny thing that happens when you as a family just decide to hang out with each other and in some respects, getting reacquainted; you can like what you see.
We played some table games together, rode bikes and took a few hikes in the rain, but most transformational was the conversations. It has been said that you don’t need quantity of time as long as you spend quality time.
Personally I think that person is missing something; if you don’t spend the quantity of time, you will never get to the quality time. So you end up lying to yourself and everyone else that short amounts of time are ok.
As a family, especially if you have young children, you need to be present and spend time listening to them, not just laying down the law. Learn to enjoy their company and what things they like to do and talk about. It is only then that your time spend becomes quality relationship time.

Have a Blessed New Year!

New Preschool Curriculum for November

November’s preschool curriculum has just been uploaded to Preschool Palace.  I have really been blessed by this site and curriculum.  Although I try to incorporate my preschoolers into the rest of our school day it is so nice to have a ready made curriculum just for them.  Preschool is very time consuming and although I love creating something new, fun and exciting, at this time in life I just don’t have the time it requires to be creative. So preschool Palace comes to my rescue.

So check out this great curriculum for yourself.