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Thinking of Homeschooling?

This page will be dedicated to education. What a responsibility and a privilege we have as parents to educate our children in the ways of God and an understanding of the world He created.

So where do you start?  First place to start is on your knees.  You will not be about to raise your children in the admonition of the Lord without the Lord’s help.

As you begin to look around at the different curriculum one thing you will notice is that there is an overwhelming amount of information, resources and choices.  So what do you choose?

First you need to have clear in your minds–husband and wife–the vision, purpose and goal of your children’s education.  Having this clear in your minds will help filter all the options that are available to you.  Having your family’s vision and goals in mind will help you avoid the very expensive trap of constantly going after the latest curriculum, the best selling book or the flashiest resource.

We have been formally homeschooling for 4 years although it has always been our family’s goal and vision to always be learning.  Each year I believe I learn more than my children.

If you look to the right column of this post you will see a  list of some of our favorite books and resources that we are using for our children.  Below I would like to give a detailed explanation the methods we chosen to educate our children.  This is the second detail to have firmly fixed in your mind because your method or methodology will determine what resources, curriculum and books you will invest in.

Samuel our eldest child attended a good christian school his kindergarten year.  He enjoyed school and had a wonderful teacher.  However, we saw that we were loosing his heart.  He would tell his younger brother about “his” friends and I saw a wedge forming between them.  At the end of that kindergarten year, after much prayer, we couragously decided to follow God’s calling for our family and homeschool our children.

The rest of the story to come soon.

Below you will find the Moores’ Formula a wonderful philosophy to impliment in your home and child discipleship.  You will learn How to teach with low stress, low cost, high success and behavior.   It is a wonderful formula that helps you balance between, study, work and service to give your children a complete education.  Check out the  Moores’ Formula.

I have found great encouragement, structure and direction for our homeschool from the writings of Charlotte Mason.  Click the link below for free resources and to read all of Charlotte Masons writings on educating your children at home.ambleside-online-logo3

The Robinson Method is a comprehensive resource for your homeschool.  There are some good insights into setting up and running your homeschool by using the Robinson Method.  Check it out by clicking below.

Our Children Use the Robinson Curriculum

There is a lot of buzz about a “new” system of homeschooling called the Workbox system.  Click on the links below to learn more about the workbox system.  To see how we have incorporated the workbox system into our homeschool find the links to the posts under workbox system in What’s in the box. Here and here you will see how others use the workbox system in their homeschools.


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