Projects to do list


My sewing machine is back.  I was without it for almost 2 weeks while it was undergoing routine maintenance.  I spent most of yesterday trying to get caught up on projects.  Below is a list of projects that I hope to get done soon.

1.  Sew the 10 remaining diapers to complete a full 4 dozen.  I got 3 of those done yesterday.

2.  Sew more diaper liners and cloth wipes. I was able to whip these out yesterday.

3.  Complete 4 dress each girl (8 dresses total) for everyday wear.  One down 7 to go.

4.  I have 4 jeans, pants or capri’s for each girl (8 total) that I am going to turn into this cute little skirt.   My way home is a great site with some fun ideas.  Try this great idea with discarded jeans or pants.  The girls and I have gone mostly dresses, except when we ride horses (although I have found a fantastic pattern for western riding split skirt.

5.  Western riding split skirt–one for myself and each girl (3 total).


I think this is a long enough list for now.  More updates as I get these projects done.  What is on your projects list?


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