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Keepers at Home Organizer Review

As my friends know I am an organizer junky.  NO! my house is not super organized and spotless.  I have, after all, 6 children and I do, educated them at home.  But I want to my house to feel like home.  (I hope to soon post about my quest for organization)  So I am always striving to find organizers/planner/schedulers that will aid me in keeping it all together.

A friend just passed on a planner that I am very excited about, Keepers at Home Organizer.  I have been to the website (you can go there by clicking the image above or here Keepers at Home Organizer) but never really got a sense for how the planner was put together.  Once I got one in my hands I now see the value of this planner.  Check it out for yourself, Keepers at Home Organizer.

No School today

Today we did not do school.  Instead we went to court.  Not your typical family activity.

Paul and Malachi became "official" Dodge boys.
All the people who have been with us from the beginning of our adoption journey.

Stay tuned.  Under our Adoption/Foster Care tab I will finish posting our Foster Care and adoption story.  If your family has ever considered adoption or foster care I encourage you to give it a second thought.

We are so blessed by all of our children and are so thankful to God for the amazing children He has brought into our lives.  They make our lives interesting to say the least, challenging, fun, silly, tender and loving.  I look forward to each morning, knowing I get to hang out with a great bunch of  kids.

We are truly blessed!