Tobin and I just saw a film created by some young men that is worth an hour of your time.  If you have children, especially those entering the tween, teen years you have to watch this film.  Even those of you with younger children would benefit the most.  Prevention in always easier than intervention.  In a couple of days Tobin will post his thoughts on the film, which coincided perfectly with his doctoral thesis.  I look forward to sharing his thoughts and words.  In the meantime, watch the film–for free and share this link with your friends and family.


Month 1 – September 2011 Curriculum – Cycle 2.pdf from the Preschool Palace


I have shared before how I really appreciate the Preschool Palace curriculum.  It gives me ready made activities to fill my 2 and 3 year olds workboxes as well as offer a wealth of information and resources.  Check out their Cycle 2 new school year curriculum.  www.preschoolpalace.org/Documents/Monthly curriculum/Month 1 – September 2011 Curriculum – Cycle 2.pdf.

Menu plans

Currently I am directing a CHIP program in our church.  If you have never heard to CHIP you just have to check it out.  We are currently beginning week 4 of the program.  Each week we have a menu plan that helps us stay on track with our healthy eating goals.

Week 1–Jumpstart

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Stay tuned and I will post each new weeks menu plan.  Also it may be helpful to have the cook books, The Optimal Diet, Vital Vittles, 7 Secrets Cookbook, Of These Ye May Freely Eat, the Full Plate Diet and The Engine 2 Diet.

Happy cooking!



A Christmas Gift for you!

I pray the Christmas holidays do not have you going too crazy as we begin the final week home stretch to Christmas day.  Now I know your holiday planning has included everyone else.  So, I want to offer something to you.  I want to offer 12 flexi-clips to 12 of my readers.  Just subscribe to my blog or post a comment and you could win the flexi-clip of your choice.

Keepers at Home Organizer Review

As my friends know I am an organizer junky.  NO! my house is not super organized and spotless.  I have, after all, 6 children and I do, educated them at home.  But I want to my house to feel like home.  (I hope to soon post about my quest for organization)  So I am always striving to find organizers/planner/schedulers that will aid me in keeping it all together.

A friend just passed on a planner that I am very excited about, Keepers at Home Organizer.  I have been to the website (you can go there by clicking the image above or here Keepers at Home Organizer) but never really got a sense for how the planner was put together.  Once I got one in my hands I now see the value of this planner.  Check it out for yourself, Keepers at Home Organizer.