Piano Lesson Inspiration

I was looking for some inspiration for my little pianists.  When you are starting out an instrument it is hard to see how these boring scales, etc. will ever make a difference in your playing.  One some we have learned is twinkle twinkle little star.  I found this amazing rendition that has inspired my children to keep at it.

This has inspired me to practice more

And this is just plain fun

Check out The Piano Guys for yourself.

So I encourage you to dust off your instruments, sit at the piano or pick up music if you have never done it before.  It is never too late or early to start.  At age 7 is when we official start lessons with our kids but we have found that the younger ones have picked up music so much more quickly because of being exposed to it by older siblings.  We are making music a higher priority in our home this year.  So far we have piano (a requirement for all), guitars (encouraged for all), 2 trombones, 1 trumpet, 1 flute, and 1 saxophone.

A great plus to having watched these videos yesterday is that Sam has dusted off our cameras and has started to video everything and everyone in sight.  He was very impressed with the cinematography of the Piano Guys.  It is amazing what kids will pick up and when you give them freedom to explore you never know what they will come up with.


Hymn Study

Have you added Hymn study to your homeschool curriculum.  Okay, okay.  I know what you are thinking.  “How can I possibly add one more thing to my homeschool day?”  Studying hymns in a lot easier to do than you may think.  Center for Church Music: Songs and Hymns is a great resource that you can easily add to your day.  Just make sure you are logged in before school starts.  You can pick a hymn and play the little intro before or after bible class or it can be a great break in between a difficult subject.  Pick one hymn a week.  Soon you will hear your children’s sweet voices singing hymns throughout the day.

We will resume homeschool August 30.  I am finalizing our school room, curriculum and schedule.  I will post on those soon.  Happy planning to those of you still planning and I pray all is going well to those already schooling.