I love to entertain, and if you were to happen to stop by my house unannounce (which happens more often then you think) you would be welcomed with open arms and open home.  But I actually struggle with hospitality.  This is a terrible thing to admit as the wife of a pastor.   Hospitality does not come naturally to me and often it is not included in my planning and scheduling.

I have recently posted about a new planner I have been using, Keepers at Home Organizer.  How excited I was to discover that the Keepers at Home Organizer has a tab dedicated to hospitality.  It has you focus on several goals:

  1. My Service as an Individual: Young mothers I could be an older woman to, Older women from which to learn, new friends and old friends
  2. Our Service as a family: families in our church who need encouragement, new members of our church, newlyweds, young friends that my children could reach out to.
  3. Extended family
  4. those sick and bereaved
  5. Widows in need
  6. The elderly
  7. and group events my family can organize to encourage Christian fellowship.

There are places to keep track of letter writing and the actual planning of an event and so much more.  Keepers at Home Organizer {I am not an affiliate of Keeper of the Home Organizer, I am just that excited about this planner and want to share its wonderful qualities.}

It is so easy for anyone to get busy with the everyday needs of your family that you forget to look outside of your own family.  I plan to be more intentional in hospitality.  This also goes hand in hand with our new preschool curriculum. {I am an affiliate of Heavenly Homes products and do receive some commissions when your order products through my link.}

What kinds of things do you do to show hospitality?  I would love to hear your ideas!


Keepers at Home Organizer Review

As my friends know I am an organizer junky.  NO! my house is not super organized and spotless.  I have, after all, 6 children and I do, educated them at home.  But I want to my house to feel like home.  (I hope to soon post about my quest for organization)  So I am always striving to find organizers/planner/schedulers that will aid me in keeping it all together.

A friend just passed on a planner that I am very excited about, Keepers at Home Organizer.  I have been to the website (you can go there by clicking the image above or here Keepers at Home Organizer) but never really got a sense for how the planner was put together.  Once I got one in my hands I now see the value of this planner.  Check it out for yourself, Keepers at Home Organizer.