Keepers at Home Organizer Review

As my friends know I am an organizer junky.  NO! my house is not super organized and spotless.  I have, after all, 6 children and I do, educated them at home.  But I want to my house to feel like home.  (I hope to soon post about my quest for organization)  So I am always striving to find organizers/planner/schedulers that will aid me in keeping it all together.

A friend just passed on a planner that I am very excited about, Keepers at Home Organizer.  I have been to the website (you can go there by clicking the image above or here Keepers at Home Organizer) but never really got a sense for how the planner was put together.  Once I got one in my hands I now see the value of this planner.  Check it out for yourself, Keepers at Home Organizer.


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