What I am working on this week.

We are officially on break from school this month.  However we do continue to do some academic things, particularly arithmetic.  Samuel will continue doing at least 3 lessons in Practical Arithmetic book 1 per week.  Isaac will continue to do at least 3 lessons per week in his Ray’s Arithmetic workbook series 1.  We continue with our read alouds and our weekly library trips where the children continue to explore their interests. 

In this month off I have several things planned–namely cleaning and organizing.  I am frantically cutting and laminating every spare moment to get as much of the girls curriculum done–Letter of the Week (all her printables are on the site for free or you can download all the files in one shot for a small fee of $10.  It was well worth my time to simply purchase the curriculum rather than try and download the activities individually.)  I am currently up to letter D as well as supplementing with lapbooks to go along with the books we will be reading.  We will be following the Before Five in a Row book list.  I will upload pictures of my progress soon.

For the older boys I have created a planner for each that I am hoping will aid them in becoming more independent.  The ideas have been based on the concepts from the self-learning method and the countless planners I have tryed to use over the years.  I am a bit of a planner junkie.  I am pretty happy with how these planners have turned out.  We are experimenting for the month of June before I print out an entire quarter.  These are the planners I have so far:  Weekly Assigment Planner for the young Student for quarter 3 and Weekly Assigment Planner for the Independent Student for quarter 3.    Both planners are word documents and the reason there are 12 boxes every day is because we use the workbox system.  Today went very well and I will let you all know what changes and updates I will end up making.  If any of you have suggestions or ideas I am always welcome to those.  I plan to upload all 4 quarters by the end of this month.  Also you will probably note that we homeschool all year round and we begin the new school year with each new year–in January.  We can do that because we home educate;) 

I hope you enjoy these.  Happy planning.


Monthly Giveaway

I started something new today that I plan to continue every month.  On the 12th of every month I will choose a winner out of all those who have commented on my new page entitled Monthly Giveaway.   Each month I will review 3 books (or resources) that span various age groups and the winner will be able to choose one of the 3 books.  I look forward to sharing with you some of our favorite and most useful books and resources.  Don’t forget to add your comments along with your email and/or link to your blog.  I love seeing what you are doing in your home and school.