Homeschool Planning

One of the many great things about homeschooling is that you can structure you school year in the way that best suits your family.  What we have chosen to do as a family is to begin our new school year with the new year.

January 7 will begin our 7th year of homeschooling.  It is impossible to believe that we have been schooling our children at home for 7 years.

This coming year I will officially have 5 children in school.

One of my academic goals is to do better at documenting what we do.  I have tried fancy software and printed planners and none seemed to meet our needs exactly or were just too time consuming to keep up with.

For 2013 I hope I have come up with a solution that will work for us.  My goal is two fold:  document the work we have done and create more independence in my older students.

Here is what I have for our kiddos so far:

Samuel–Year 7Samuel Samuel’s Year 7 Weekly Lesson Plans

Isaac–Year 5

Isaac Isaac’s 2013 Year 5 Weekly Lesson Plans

Olivya Faith–Year 1Olivya FaithOlivya 2013 Year 1 Weekly Lesson Plan

Alexis Grace–Year 0Alexis GraceAlexis 2013 Year 0 Weekly Lesson Plan

Paul and MalachiThis planner will come tomorrow with hopefully word documents of all planners.  I made the planners in publisher and I am having trouble loading them in an editable format

The whole tribe–just because they are so cute;)
The whole Tribe


Month 1 – September 2011 Curriculum – Cycle 2.pdf from the Preschool Palace


I have shared before how I really appreciate the Preschool Palace curriculum.  It gives me ready made activities to fill my 2 and 3 year olds workboxes as well as offer a wealth of information and resources.  Check out their Cycle 2 new school year curriculum. curriculum/Month 1 – September 2011 Curriculum – Cycle 2.pdf.

Wrapping up the year.

I am wrapping up our year in more ways than one.  As I prepare for the New Year I am preparing for our new school year.   We begin our school year with each new year.  (More on why in another post).  So in the next few weeks I will be sorting through what the children have done this year, and creating their portfolio.  ( I will show samples in another post).  I will be boxing up used curriculum for another child and another year and bring out the new curriculum.  Then we will set up their school planners and be ready to go come January 3, 2011.

What I do want to share with you is where I go first to get the books my kids will be reading and I find them for free.  Buying books for 6 children can quickly eat up your homeschool budget so after looking in our public library, I then go free online sources and ebooks.

Sheri at Graham Family Ministries put together a great post of many of the places I go for ebooks.  She also has some great ones I did not know about.  Check her post for yourself.