Time Management

To be honest I have not been managing my time well recently.  I am off balance in many areas and I am beginning to feel weary, overwhelmed and I get easily frustrated.  So this weekend Tobin and I have planned to give each other time to plan, regroup and refocus.  Two resources I am arming myself with is:


and 2:

Both encourage you to put God first in your life and then balance yourself between family, service and personal enrichment.  I am excited about revisiting this books and putting the principles back into my life.



A wonderful Bible Study Resource

Sheri Graham from Graham Family Ministries (by the way an excellent website with some wonderful resources) posted this link and I wanted to pass it on, on our site because this resource is that good.

Through the Bible with My Child

by Charles Sharman

Price: $17.12
Availability: usually ships within 2-3 business days
Edition: Paperback, 368 pages (11 x 8.2 x 0.8 inches)
Publisher: Anchor-Cross Media (2009)
ISBN: 978-0974272719

Through the Bible with My Child helps parents teach their children God’s word. This book provides a method and a plan: a method to teach the Bible to young children, and a plan to cover the Bible in four school years. Supplemented with memorization recommendations, daily review questions, writing pages, blank maps, and tests, Through the Bible with My Child offers a complete introduction to the Bible for elementary age children.

Orders can be placed through amazon.com by clicking here.

The entire content of Through the Bible with My Child can be downloaded and read from this website free of charge. To view the book in pdf format, click here. You are permitted to share this file in electronic or print form, provided that it is not done for profit. Thus you may post this file on your website or make print copies for your personal use without charge and without notifying Anchor-Cross Ministries.

Don’t miss the free pdf from above.   If you are like our family you make it a goal to read through the Bible on a regular basis.  This book will help you add depth to your bible reading.  I have also created little booklets for my 4th and 2nd year boys so they can fill out their findings as we read.