Letting Go

Perhaps the hardest thing we do as parents is letting go.  You know how it is.  From the moment our children enter the world, we control every detail of their environment.

Then at 4 to 6 months we have to start learning to let go as they struggle to roll over, sit up and start to crawl.  You  know when a baby is beginning to walk because the house is cleared out and all corners are bubble wrapped.

It is so natural as parents and especially mothers to try to protect our children and not let anything happen to them.  But we live in a sinful world and often the most powerful and meaningful lessons are the hardest ones.   In the end if we protect our children from everything than nothing good can happen to them either.

I learned this lesson in a very powerful way this last Tuesday.  During our Tuesday Horsemanship class, Isaac, my second child was thrown from his horse.  If you are familiar with horses or have had any experience around them you know that at some point you will be kicked, stepped on, bitten, thrown or bucked off.  But to stand helplessly by and watch you 9-year-old sail through the air and crash land is a bit overwhelming.

Dad stood by and contained the horse while mom and son learned this hard lesson.  After a good cry and a boo boo check (okay, Isaac does not do boo boo’s anymore he is after all 9 years-old but I still do!) I walked him over to the horse and he got back on.

Two days later he still has some muscle soreness and the visor on his helmet has a crack.  This experience will serve for me as a reminder that my role is changing.  I can not be mother hen protecting all her chicks from everything.  Now I have to be the mom riding along side her son as he rides the horse that just threw him.  And that is just it.  Our letting go is in stages.  Tobin and I know that is it time to let our older sons have some hard experiences, but you had better believe that we are riding along side them every step of the way.

And the prayer is that as our children experience some of the bumps of life because we are walking alongside of them they will take the advice of Proverbs 1: 8-9 “My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother:  For they shall be an ornament of grace unto thy head, and chains about thy neck.”

So enjoy your children today.  I will say goodbye to you know because the banana bread that the kids and I made today should be out of the oven any moment now and I think we will have some thick warm slices while sitting under the shade of our magnolia tree.

Tomorrow I will post the amazing banana chocolate chip bread.


Day 2 Back to School

Today was our second day back to school, in our first school room and our new schedule.  See Sunday’s post, Our Curriculum,  for pictures of our school room and basic schedule.  Tuesday is our coop/extracurricular activity day.  This year we are doing horses.  So after a morning of Character Sketches, Bible, Scripture memory and Math we were off to see the horses.  Although all the children have been exposed to the horses and are comfortable around them, today was our first official riding lesson.  They learned basic grooming, saddling the horse, proper mounting and dismounting, basic riding (all done at a walk) and leading the horse back to the barn, unsaddling and proper care for the tack.  They did a great job and are so excited to do this on a regular basis.

Before I began this post I finished updated our school record keeping.  This is another area I have changed or updated this year.  I am using an amazing online software Homeschool Skedtrack .  I am so impressed with this program.  They have very easy to follow video tutorials that explain every step of the setup and daily operation process.  The best part is that the software is FREE.  After many dollars and countless planners, systems and software, I believe I have finally found one that works for us.  Check it out for yourself, Homeschool Skedtrack.