A special treat

Sewing Day

I have a sewing day scheduled for tomorrow.  Tobin is taking all the kids tomorrow and they will have a daddy day.  All the children are so excited.  And I am so excited because I will have a day of uninterrupted time to sew.  Sewing is what I have been doing all summer any spare moment I could find.  I have several projects I have been working on that I hope to share pictures.

I have about an hours worth of organizational work, putting up a shelf, moving a few things around and finding homes for other thing but then the rest of the day is sewing projects.  I have 4 dresses already cut out and two diapers I need to finish.

Below I am listing a few sites that I have found great ideas, projects and patterns.

I have material to make at least 2 aprons.  These are the apron patterns I am looking at doing.   If you have a moment Stop Staring and… Start Sewing…because it’s fun has other great tutorials and patterns–several really fun patterns–check them out.

Craft stew has a huge list of free patterns and tutorials–so much fun!

I came across this website tonight, You can make this–what a neat website .  When you sign up for all their newsletters you receive over 40 free patterns, digi designs, embroidery designs and tutorials.  I will be spending sometime tomorrow going over these new projects and deciding which ones I will do next.

Fave Crafts has free ebooks of projects, patterns and ideas.  Fave Crafts covers all kinds of crafting.  Their newsletter is worth subscribing to.

I never realized that About had patterns but they d0–more  free patterns.

Sewing.org has a wonderful photo gallery of sewing rooms to droll over.  What does you sewing/craft room look like?  I will have to post about my new room.  This summer my husband moved his home office out of the house and now have his office at the church.  I love having a space to call my own and be able to spread my projects out and leave them out if I have to.

Tomorrow evening I hope to have several pictures to show and tell what I have done with my crafting day.


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