Show and Tell–Sewing

A couple of weeks ago I got an entire Sunday to sew.  I have promised to share some of my projects with you.  I first must say that I am a total novice at sewing.  I have never had a lesson but was able to sew a straight seam.  A friend gave me her sewing machine a couple of years ago and I have been obsessed with learning how to sew.  With two little girls to sew for how could I not.  So this is the first of 3 blogs about the projects I have been working on.

Diapers.  I have been sewing diapers.  These are the wonderful diapers I have been sewing.

The pattern is the KCK One pattern.  Once you learn to sew the welt pocket (the site has great tutorials that walk you right through the process these diapers sew up very quickly.  I ordered my fabric at a great price at Wazoodle.  They are all in one.  I used a PUL fabric for the outside and Polyester suedecloth for the inside.  They are working great.  I need to post pictures of my cute little guys bottoms in these diapers.

What makes this project even more fun is my new little tool.  I got it with some birthday money this summer.

They came in a kit from  A great price, a good product and it came with snaps to get started right away.

Later this week I will post more pictures of my sewing projects.

For now what I will do is leave you with some sites with great patterns and ideas for sewing your own projects.  But I have to mention the pattern that I am most obsessed with right now.  I have made 4 dresses for the girls (2 each) using this pattern.  Check it out and give it a try– Great tutorial and cute pattern. Free patterns Great patterns at a great price really nice fitting skirt take the challenge nice patterns and modest swimwear An exhaustive list of modest clothing/patterns sites Great articles on modesty tutorials


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