Home Management


The very word make us cringe.  You suddenly feel tired, out of energy and completely overwhelmed.  If that is your feeling, you are not alone.  With all the things that we need to do on a daily basis, love our families, teacher, referree, coach, nurse, wife, tutor, chef, police, and housekeeper to name a few.  You could certainly add your own.  We all have our strong points and our preferences.  But if your house is like mine housekeeper ends up at the very bottom of your lists of todo.  Not that things are total CHAOS, but I must admit that I do not look forward to or find joy in the everyday, mundane chores.

But there is hope for us. I have become convicted recently that this is an area that I need to improve upon. I am missing a unique and powerful teaching opportunity just by consistently and efficiently doing my chores. I have found help and motivation from


All the work is done for you.  You simply work on the chores for that day.  It seems so simple but this is the best place to start if you are feeling overwhelmed.  You will be surprised how little it feels that you are doing but before long those once forgotten areas will begin to come to order.  The planner now includes daily Bible readings.  So even if your spiritual life is out of order you will have that organized as well.

As the little chores that had piled up began to come to order I realized I needed a routine for myself and for the children in order to maintain our new found orderly lives.  I found a great site www.flylady.net/pages/cjmain.asp.  The FlyLady taught me how to create a control journal.  This has allowed me to create and maintain a routine.



Things still fall apart every  now and then.  My children are still children and chores are the last thing they want to do–thus they need reminding and reviewing.  But now I feel good about my home.  I take pride in my home.  I know I am blessing my family by the little mundane things I do everyday.  And I am finding pleasure in a job well done and a shiny sink (you have to get to know the FlyLady to understand that one;)

Happy cleaning.


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