USA (mis)Adventure Day 25

We have been so blessed and thankful that everything has gone so well for us on our trip.  But one thing I have not mentioned is that just as we came into San Antonio, our van began making a very bad grinding sound.  So we found ourselves in the very bad predicament of trying to find a mechanic on easter sunday.

Well, we did find someone and here our misadventure begins.

Thankfully not too far from our mechanic was a really nice hike/bike trail.  So for the next 2 hours we hiked around while our van was being fixed.

Once we got our van back we headed to the San Antonio river walk.  We decided to do the river boat tour of the river walk.

DSCF9507 (600x800)

DSCF9509 (600x800) DSCF9510 (800x199) It rained just before our river tour.  We learned that the river canal is regulated by 2 water gates that stop the flow of water or let the water out at varying speeds in order to maintain the water levels.  But as it can happen, unpredictable weather and human error can cause problems.  Today we experienced both.  The rain came down hard but was short-lived.  The gate operators, anticipating an overflow of water opened the gates too far and they actually began to drain the canals too low.  The canal is only about the 3 feet deep and soon our tour boat was beached at the bottom of the canal.  We were given a rain check on our ticket and can come back for another tour.  Don’t know if that will happen this time.DSCF9498 (800x600)A nice end to a day that started out very frustrating.  But although we had smiles on our faces and enjoyed a fun afternoon and evening, Tobin and I were still very worried because the after hours of labor and several hundred dollars worth of work, the van was still making the same grinding sound.