USA Adventure Day 24

day 24


We awoke bright and early Sabbath morning.  Tobin had gone online and decided it would be fun to visit Ephesus Seventh-Day Adventist Church.DSCF9484 (800x600)

We felt very welcomed and enjoyed a very nice, very formal service.  It was neat to experience something different that what we are use to.

DSCF9482 (800x600)


After a little rest and as the sun was beginning to set we decided to go for a walk in downtown San Antonio.DSCF9488 (600x800)

The first place we found ourselves was the Alamo.  It was great to look at and remember the history connected with this place.

DSCF9489 (800x600) DSCF9491 (800x600)

A quiet and peaceful way to end the Sabbath.





DSCF9498 (800x600)


We are looking forward to coming back tomorrow and exploring the whole riverwalk.


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