USA Adventure Day 23

Although you can easily spend days touring the caverns our crew was all explored out after yesterdays adventure.  We decided to head on down the road.

DSCF9468 (640x480) DSCF9471 (640x480)

We did want to make a stop at the Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  We have unofficially made it a goal to visit every National Park and Monument that is in our path.  So far we have hit 10.

DSCF9473 (640x480) DSCF9475 (640x480)

The temperature was climbing and our hikers were still tired so we just enjoyed the scenery from our van windows as we drove by.

DSCF9478 (640x166) DSCF9479 (640x480)


We just kept driving and finally found ourselves in San Antonio, Texas.  We were racing the sun to find a room for the night.  Unfortunately we did not realize that easter weekend is a very big holiday in San Antonio.  All the hotels were booked.  We did finally find something and everyone was very thankful for their cool beds.  It is hot is Texas.


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