USA Adventure Day 18

day 18Sunday morning we needed to go into town to pick up supplies.  We had also heard about a national historical park that also contained ruins.  We were so glad we took the time.
DSCF9322 (800x600)In many ways these ancient homes were preserved better than the Mesa Verde ruins.  Many of the ruins at Mesa Verde have had to be restored.  These ruins are just as they are.  Again it is truly amazing the ingenuity and skill that God has given to people throughout history.
DSCF9323 (800x600) DSCF9324 (800x600) DSCF9325 (800x600) And we complain about room size.  This would have been a whole families room.
DSCF9327 (800x600) These round structures are kivas.  They are similar to the hogan, in that they are circular in design and used for ceremonies and special occasions in their function.
DSCF9328 (800x600)Several of these ‘cities’ are huge.  One of the cities had over 600 rooms, cover a very large area.
DSCF9329 (800x600) DSCF9331 (800x600) DSCF9333 (800x600) DSCF9337 (800x600) A very fascinating fact is that all the cities built in this area required over 200,000 wood beams for their supports.  When you consider the landscape today it makes you wonder, did this area look vastly different than it does today or as archaeologist suggest, all the logs were carried in.DSCF9341 (800x600)We came back to the mission and did a little school, some relaxing and had an early night.


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