USA Adventure Day 17

day 17Sabbath morning dawned bright and very cold.  The winds were blowing again.  We decided to drive to church even though it was only a few hundred yards away.  It was just too cold.  The temperature was in the 40s but the wind made it so much colder.DSCF9311 (800x600) (800x600) Again it was so wonderful to worship with fellow believers.  It was communion Sabbath and it was a really nice service.

After church there was a fellowship dinner and it offered us a great opportunity to get to know several of the members a little better.

The children were disappointed that we did not see very many children at church or fellowship dinner.  All the school children that live at the mission during the week go home on the weekends and most are not able to come back to the mission for church.

This unique building pictured below is located at the center of the mission grounds.  It is called a hogan and it is the traditional Diné home and meeting place.  Most of the Diné do not live in hogans today but for there special ceremonies and celebrations they will have a hogan on their grounds to hold all special meetings in.  You can go here to learn more about a hogan.  (You may have noticed that I used the word Diné. The Spanish called the Navajo, Navajo but the Navajo call themselves, Diné which means “the people”.)

DSCF9314 (800x600) (800x600)A happy Sabbath indeed.


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