USA Adventure Day 16

day 16We awoke bright and early, had breakfast and then hike the couple hundred feet to the mission school and joined the students for morning worship.

After worship, Tobin, Samuel and Isaac worked on a fence building project.  They got 4 fence posts dug and cemented into very rocky ground.  The little ones and I went back to our guest house and caught up on some school work.DSCF9263 (800x600) The little ones and I arrived just as the last post was being cemented in.DSCF9264 (600x800) Everyone was excited to jump in and help out.DSCF9265 (600x800) DSCF9266 (600x800) Here are the 3 hard workers and the results of their labors.DSCF9268 (800x600)After lunch we went on a hike into some Anasazi ruins only 11 miles from the school.DSCF9269 (800x600) This picture does not do these petroglyphs justice but here hammered into sandstone is some Anasazi designs.DSCF9270 (800x600) Then we hiked into the Anasazi ruins.  The name of these ruins is Kin Bineola.  We learned that the Anasazi word for house is Kin and Bineola means lots of wind.  And true to its name is was a large settlement built in a windy plain.DSCF9276 (600x800) First Isaac had to help organize some of the local stones.DSCF9286 (800x600) When you finally spot the ruins out in the scrub grass your first impression is you are looking at a castle ruin from some medieval time.DSCF9289 (800x600)It is impressive when you realize that these sandstone ruins have withstood the howling winds for over a thousand years.  The craftsmanship is amazing.
DSCF9291 (800x600) DSCF9297 (800x600) DSCF9300 (800x600) DSCF9305 (600x800) DSCF9307 (800x600) Here is a depiction of what the settle possible looked like around A.D. 850s-1150s.  Several sections are 3 stories high.  They had a system for capturing water from run offs and the dry and dusty field that the ruin stands in were fertile fields.

A second impression we got looking at this depiction of what the settlement might have looked like was how similar it looks to the ruins found in the Palestine region.  Once again proving that there is nothing new under the sun and that no matter where they are found, people are all the same, created by the same God and suffering from the same affliction–sin.  Thus all of us need the same remedy–JESUS. DSCF9309 (800x600) DSCF9310 (600x800)We welcomed in the Sabbath with our new Navajo friends.  We had a vespers service in a family home with singing in Navajo.  I can not describe the feeling of hearing the familiar choruses and hymns sung in the Navajo language–beautiful.  Then we had a prayer time where we all prayed together, at the same time in our own language/dialect.  Finally we shared a meal together.  A beautiful way to welcome in the Sabbath.  We all look forward to worshiping together with our new friends at Sabbath school and church.

All day today I spent planning for tomorrow.  Not just because it is Sabbath but because I was preparing for Tobin’s birthday.  When as I was writing this I realized all day today has been Tobin’s birthday.  I am so sad that I completely overlooked this and we did not celebrate.  But I am prepared for tomorrow…So a late happy 40th birthday Tobin.

We want to send out a happy Sabbath greeting to all our friends and family.  May you all feel God’s blessing today.


One thought on “USA Adventure Day 16

  1. Thank you for the up-dates. Pray you are having a wonderful Sabbath. Tobin, hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday. A good place to celebrate your special day. Blessings to all of you. Mother wants to know if you received your e-card yesterday?


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