USA Adventure Day 13

day 13Because of its central location to Mesa Verde and Durango we stayed a second night in Cortez.  We awoke very early, had breakfast and were on the road by 8 am.  We decided to have family morning worship on the road because we had an hours drive to Durango.  Tobin had always had a fascination to ride the Durango/Silverton train.DSCF9073 (800x600) DSCF9075 (800x600) All Aboard!DSCF9076 (600x800) It was about an hours ride up the mountain.  Some places that were cut through the mountain were so narrow that you could barely reach your hand out the window and touch the rock wall on each side.DSCF9101 (800x600) We saw beautiful landscape and quite a bit of snow.  Of course the favorite thing for the kids was to walk from our coach car to the viewing car in the back.  Mom was thankful that we don’t have to travel like that anymore.DSCF9110 (800x600) DSCF9111 (800x600) Because this is a narrow gauge train it does an unbelieveable amount of rocking.  And by the way, I did not know what was happening in the front of the line or I would not have been smiling;)DSCF9114 (800x600) DSCF9116 (800x600) DSCF9131 (800x600) DSCF9132 (800x600) At the top of the hill, the train stopped and we were able to get off, enjoy the snow and have our lunch.DSCF9142 (800x600) DSCF9143 (800x600) DSCF9146 (800x600) DSCF9151 (600x800) DSCF9160 (800x600) DSCF9177 (800x600) DSCF9188 (800x600) DSCF9198 (800x600) And no, I am not lovingly looking over my sleeping child, my head is drooped over my sleeping child.  Did I mention that the coach cars constantly rock and it felt like they did even more so on the way down.  A long day, a full tummy and gentle rocking.  Well, since mom is rarely found sleeping on the job my family of course had to poke a little fun at me.DSCF9207 (800x600) And so our day ended again with a quiet evening in the hotel.DSCF9219 (800x600)


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