USA Adventure Day 10

day 10After a very cold night–the temperature dipped down to 32 degrees, we awoke to the howls and screams of coyotes.  Have you ever heard a coyote howl?  It begins as a howl that becomes a sort of scream (like an angry woman screaming) then a series of yelps followed by a sort of bark and then howling again.

Finally around 5 am we had no choice but to start to get going for the day.  And a very big day we had planned.DSCF8891 (800x600)This is another amazing sight that pictures just do not do justice.  It is truly an awe inspiring sight.
DSCF8859 (800x600) DSCF8855 (800x600) DSCF8854 (800x600) DSCF8852 (800x600) This first trip to the Grand Canyon we only hiked about 3 miles of the South Rim trail.  But one day we hope to do the vertical mile hike down into the canyon. (It is actually 21 miles round trip down into the canyon and back out when you figure in all the switchbacks and trails.) Too many little ones this first trip.DSCF8858 (800x600) DSCF8838 (800x600) Then it was time for lunch.  This is a view of the inside of the back of our van.  I had an idea and Tobin created it for me.  This is our closet and kitchen.  Here is today’s lunch. DSCF8833 (800x600) Now you may be thinking, what does a family of 8 eat when on the road for almost 3 months?  Because of the way we have chosen to eat, it is virtually impossible to eat out and when you think of the cost associated with eating out with 8 people it is absolutely cost prohibitive.  We eat a plant-based diet so our fast foods are fruits and vegetables.  All our meals I have been cooking.  Today was rice and lentil stew with a mixed green salad and because it was Sabbath, Tobin and the kids had brownie cookies (I did pick those up at the grocery store.  So every few days we just stop by the grocery store and pick up what we need.  This method has kept everyone’s tummy’s happy and I have been able to stay under budget for food. DSCF8876 (800x600) Notice Malachi–he was exhausted after the 3 mile hike.  He is sleeping well tonight.DSCF8874 (800x600) It was an amazing Sabbath and an adventure we won’t soon forget.DSCF8837 (800x205)



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