USA Adventure Day 8

day 8Day 8 everyone awoke in much better spirits (especially me).  And after a quiet morning of reflection and reorganizing my goals and priorities, I was ready and I believe we were all ready to make the most of each challenge and opportunity.

Our little motel was located on a hot springs so we all took a dip in the morning before breakfast.  Then we took a little walk through the motel’s backyard.
DSCF8744 (640x480) We packed up and headed to Death Valley.  It is amazing to think that a people group learned to survive and thrive in this area.DSCF8750 (640x480) DSCF8756 (640x163) DSCF8770 (480x640)Not only have people learned to survive in this environment but God has made a way for many animals to adapt to this harsh land.  The most interesting we learned about is a little snail that lives in the waters around the desert.  We did not see any but it was amazing to think that God has made a way for such a delicate creature as a snail to survive here.
DSCF8768 (640x480) DSCF8767 (640x480) DSCF8765 (640x168) DSCF8776 (480x640)Halfway up the rock face above is the sign you see down below.  DSCF8775 (640x480) DSCF8785 (640x480) Far out in the field you see a Big Dune.  That is literally what it is–a big dune out in the middle of rocks and clay.DSCF8798 (640x480) We finally made it to Nevada.  We called it a night just outside of Las Vegas in Henderson. Tomorrow is a big day as we visit the Hoover Dam and head into the Grand Canyon.  DSCF8793 (480x640)As I say good night, I count my blessing because they are so many.  The six above are so precious to me.  And I am also so blessed and thankful for Tobin, his vision and leadership for our family and willingness to take a risk and go where God is leading.  I am so blessed to be going down the road of life’s adventure with the 7 people I love the most.


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