USA Adventure Day 7

day 7 When you have 8 people and a dog in a 15 passenger van and you have traveled almost 1700 miles you are bound to have a rough day.  Day 7 was our rough day.  We knew that it would be a long hard day of driving.  Unfortunately it did not start out well.  We were all tired from 2 hard long days at the zoo and safari park.  Several in the family got up on the wrong side of the sleeping bag.  And I have to confess that one of the first ones was me.  My goals for the day were very high and I expected everyone to meet my standards.  Very bad way to start the day.  So we had several opportunities to work on our characters.  We got many opportunities to practice, patience, tolerance, difference and self-control.  It was hard work.  DSCF8736 (800x600) We entered the Mojave desert and saw some amazing and unique landscapes.DSCF8743 (800x600) We called it a day just outside of death valley in a little town called Tecopah, CA.  We got a little motel and called it a night.DSCF8739 (800x600)


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