USA Adventure Day 6

day 6Bright and early on day 6 of our USA adventure the crows once again awoke us.  Yes, crows.  They begin their cawing before the sun even comes up.  Now I have been around chickens but let me tell you, a crows caw is much more annoying, ear piecing and incessant than any rooster I have ever heard.  Just one more thing to add to our adventure:)

After we clean up camp and took Callie to doggie daycare we headed one hour north to San Diego Safari Park.  We had gotten mixed reviews about this park, especially in comparison to the San Diego Zoo so we were a little apprehensive about what we would find.  We were so impressed.  Although the San Diego Zoo is amazing, our family absolutely loved the Safari park.  We felt transported to another land and even got almost 5 miles of walking in.  Beautiful sunshiny day, incredible animals in great exhibits–all in all a fantastic day.DSCF8731 (640x480)DSCF8625 (480x640) (480x640)DSCF8719 (640x163)DSCF8632 (640x480)SafariTram rideDSCF8667 (640x480)A very good day.


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