day 2

So did you guess what we saw today?  If you guessed the giant redwoods you are correct.
DSCF8363What a privilege to see these amazing living things.  What was most amazing was the realization that we were walking among trees that had existed since before Christ was born.DSCF8368A cute and very creative way to use a redwood tree stump.DSCF8378More amazing facts.DSCF8385One of the amazing things of driving HWY 1 is that you go from driving through the redwoods to following the Pacific coastline.  We have so many amazing pictures, too many to add here and were able to enjoy a picnic at the beach.DSCF8318You see all the squinting.  We have become true Washingtonians and become overwhelmed when we get too much sun;)  We have been very thankful and have really enjoyed all the beautiful weather we have had so far on our travels.
DSCF8349We drove about 200 miles and were very thankful for all of our adventures.  But we were thankful to be able to turn in early and enjoy a quiet evening together as we welcomed the Sabbath.



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