Our US Adventure

We have a unique and amazing opportunity.  As many of you  know Tobin is in the final stages of his dissertation.  All work is due in May.  You can learn more about it here.  We have now been on the Kitsap Peninsula for 8 years and Tobin is now eligible for a 3 month sabbatical.  So we have decided that this is the time to realize our dream of traveling around the USA.

Many of you have been wondering why we have been silent.  You have been expecting details of our trip.  Our departure date was March 5.  However after many delays and setbacks.  We finally loaded up the big green 15 passenger van and take off yesterday, March 7.  We will have a modified version of our original trip plans.

I am currently writing from Crescent City, CA.  Tonight we hope to be in San Francisco and I hope to have better internet service to post some pictures of the amazing things we have already seen and done.    We are getting ready to see some of the tallest living things on earth.  Can you guess what we will see?


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