DADS, be WITH your Children Today…

My Book this month:
The 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers by Ken Canfield.
“Becoming the Father your Children Need”

Ken Canfield has written many different books, and the best one in my opinion is “The Seven Secrets of an Effective Father.” In this post, I am putting a plug in for his book as well as creating dialog with you about being more effective with your family understanding all of us are limited on time.

I have a friend who’s son is 3000 miles away, it tears him up that because of the choices he has made and the current life situation he is in, that he must be a loving father from far away. So it got me to thinking, we as dads may be home every night and see our children every day, but are we 3000 miles away emotionally? Connectedly? We need to evaluate our being there. Just because we are physically present, we may not be “there”. Our mind might be on work, wife, home projects left incomplete, a friend, the sports games or statistics; what ever it is that is not allowing us to live in the moment with our children, is what is causing a divide.

So what do you do with your time when you are with the children? Do you play games? Do you keep busy? What about creating conversation? Are you listening to your children and not just talking to them? Are you teaching Scripture and praying with them, not just praying for them?

Part of being effective with our children is prioritizing our “coaching” based on scripture. Discipling our children is a day in and day out process, not a class or Bible Study. Inputting Scripture in a practical way throughout our day.

Two great examples: an “acquaintance” of mine told me about one time they were out in the park watching the fire works and as the explosions reverberated across the hills, he overheard a dad, with his young children, point to them and say, you know kids, this reminds me of what the Scriptures say, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works, and Glorify the Father in heaven.” The family talked for a little while about light and what it means, then moved on. He saw a teachable moment and used it to point his children to God and His Word.

The other example is in the Audio Series by Vision Forum; “Jonathan Park”. Every story, every episode is packed with fact about Creation, life and its daily struggles, as well as families exhorting the Scriptures in the little moments of each day. You too can find teachable moments of your day to relate to the Bible and as you do so your mind will be expanded as well. Meditate on God’s Word and share that with your family!

In case you don’t have Canfield’s book, here are the 7 Secrets:
1.    Commitment
2.    Knowing Your Child
3.    Consistency
4.    Protecting and Providing
5.    Loving Their Mother
6.    Active Listening
7.    Spiritual Equipping

So, from the list, and my post, I hope you have been sufficiently sparked to curiosity.  I will be posting later on each of the Secrets.

The National Center for Fathering; sells the book for $12.99 English or 50% off in Spanish. or you can go to and find it for as little as $0.01 Used + shipping or electronic version for $6.95.

Today, be WITH your children, listen to their hearts, not just their voice, be interested in them and What God made them to be! BE IN TODAY, TODAY!


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