Fabulous art class

I love art, just about every kind of art.  I love that you can be creative, and messy and simple and very complicated.  But I am not an artist.  I struggle with coming up with original ideas, and although I have educated myself on the various techniques and mediums I can not demonstrate most of them to my children.  So I am so excited about finding an art curriculum that is easy to incorporate into our school week, does not cost very much, is biblically based and has amazing teachers.  Now the kids and I can learn together.  It has become the favorite subject–we can’t wait for art lesson.  Check out this fantastic curriculum.  You can try out the first three lessons for free.  

If you go to their Facebook or Twitter pages during the month of October they will be giving away 10 copies of their Christmas DVD, “The Gift of Love”.  These are perfect Christmas gifts.
Keep checking back to the SEE the Light website because they are adding special FREE stuff all the time. The downloads under FUN STUFF are particularly special. Here are several that are not even available on Facebook or Twitter.
A fabulous step by step art lesson of a whale to go along with “God’s Runaway” – the story of Jonah :http://www.seethelightshine.com/media/fun_stuff/downloads/Jonah’s Baleen Whale.pdf
So don’t forget to make art an important part of your child’s education.

We believe in and like this product so much that we are affiliates of See the Light. So if you purchase this product through the links in this post we will receive a small commission.


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