Just recently I came to a conclusion that although my husband and I have been and are still athletic we are not athletes.  What I mean by that is the motivation and the drive to get to the next level in whatever sport or fitness activity you are learning.  Because physical activities have come easily to us we did not have to try so hard.  Out of our 6 children, 3 are athletic and 3 are not.  (That is have the natural ability to control their bodies.)

In our homeschool day we have made exercise or physical fitness a token activity.  But I was impressed by this statement about Physical fitness:

“What we call physical education is when the child is directed through a sequence of movements that build the body’s coordination, balance, strength, agility and neurological development. What physical education does is provide a safe structured environment and lesson plan for children to learn new body movements in an efficient and effective manner. Being proficient at basic body movements will build athleticism and neurological balance that will support more challenging activities such as sports. Being neurologically integrated also promotes efficient academic learning and emotional well-being.”

One of my children has balance and basic body movements that are beginning to affect everyday life.  For their sake I began to look for a PE curriculum that would aid me in teaching PE.  I found Family time fitness.

Today we did half of the fitness test–it took a long time because everyone had to get into the action, including the 2 year old:)  The kids had so much fun.  In fact, one of my girls was practicing one of the drills while I was making supper just for the fun of it.  I am very impressed with this curriculum and with daily lessons for a whole year the price was just right.

So if you are struggling with including physical fitness in your homeschool curriculum, I encourage you to take a look at Family Time Fitness.



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