Bible Class

Of all my New Years resolutions the one I have not been good with so far is blogging.  Perhaps it is because I have been off blogging for a while or perhaps it is because we are getting ready for Tobin to be gone for 2 weeks and I am feeling a little scattered.

Anyway, I was recently asked what we do for bible class.  As Christians who have followed God’s command to disciple our children, the word of God is very precious to us and it is the first and last thing we read every day.  But how does thing play into our school day.

First of all, school in our home is not limited to the few hours that we sit at our desks.  I will blog about this more later and share pictures of how we have arranged our school room (again;).  On of the first things everyone does after getting up, dressing, making bed, brushing teeth and drinking a glass of water is find a quiet, comfortable spot in the living room and read their bible.  Samuel (our 5th grader is on a plan to read the Bible in 1 year. has some bible reading plans.  Isaac who is not as fluent a reader yet is reading through The Day by Day Bible.

Now the rest of the children are non readers but they also have there bible reading time.  Here is what they do.  After doing all their upon waking chores they all file to the library and I turn on for them the Bible reading selection for the day.  Then all four settle on the floor with their “bibles” and look at the pictures while they listen to the actual scriptures being read.  We believe that at every age it is important to read and listen to the actual scriptures.  Again has some great resources on audio bibles.

During actual school time we have been working though the bible lessons put out by My Bible First.  I love these lessons and so do the children.  They have lessons and resources for 0-adults of course always sticking with the bible first and going through it in a 3 year cycle.  Very in depth and beautifully done.

So that is what we do with Bible.  We begin with the bible and keep it very simple.

1 Thessalonians 2:13 (English Standard Version)

13And(A) we also thank God constantly[a] for this, that when you received(B) the word of God, which you heard from us, you accepted it(C) not as the word of men but as what it really is, the word of God,(D) which is at work in you believers.




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