What's on the menu this week.

We have changed internet providers and I had troubles with our internet all day.  This may go out very late Monday night or very early Tuesday morning.  But as I always find, it is best to have a plan to relieve stress and unnecessary expenses.

First I want to share a great review of a book I read a couple of years ago that I found very helpful.  The Simple Dollar reviewed the book by Steve and Annette Economides, Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half and gives a very concise synopsis of the book. I would highly recommend you check out the post and then check out the book from your local library.

So here is the first week of menus for the month of November.  When I have a page number at the end of a meal that number corresponds to the recipes in the book the Optimal Diet by Darlene Blaney and Dr. Hans Diehl.



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