Friday Hospitality

I posted here about my desire to make hospitality a way of life in our family.  I hope to make it a regular conversation on this blog and I will call it The Sheltering Tree, Friday Hospitality.  What are some things that you are doing to be hospitable?  I also want this weekly blog to be a way to keep me accountable to my commitment to hospitality.

Proverbs 31:20 She extends a helping hand to the poor and opens her arms to the needy.

First of all I want to say that I was perhaps hard on myself.  I do practice hospitality.  I am involved in my church in activities that involve hospitality.  Because my husband is the pastor I have many opportunities to be hospitable.  But my desire is to make hospitality a priority in my schedule at the same time being mindful of the fact that I am a pastor’s wife and the mother of 6 children.

Although Tobin loves for our home to be a social hub, it would be overwhelming to have something going on every night of the week.  So in order to focus my time and priorities these are the areas I will be focusing on and the day of the week:

  1. My Service as an Individual: Young mothers I could be an older woman to, Older women from which to learn, new friends and old friends–Wednesdays
  2. Our Service as a family: families in our church who need encouragement, new members of our church, newlyweds, young friends that my children could reach out to–Fridays
  3. Extended family–Sunday and Friday phone calls
  4. those sick and bereaved–Monday
  5. Widows in need–Thursday
  6. The elderly–Tuesday
  7. and group events my family can organize to encourage Christian fellowship–Sabbath afternoon and evening once a month

I have made lists of the people we will be focusing on in each of the categories.  Now this does not mean that we will be focusing on every person every week.  They would be just as overwhelmed as I would be.  We will definitely pray for them on a weekly basis and ask God to show us how to show them hospitality.  Then each week we will emphasize one category or person and focus our energies to extend hospitality to them.  This next week will be two young friends who are expecting a baby; one her 4th child and the other her first.  The first trimester is often the most challenging so I will focus on ways to encourage and help them that this is a very short season that will pass all too quickly.

1 Peter 4:9 Cheerfully share your home with those who need a meal or a place to stay.

After talking with Tobin we have decided to make Friday our hospitality day.  This will be the day to deliver cards, food baskets and make phone calls.  Then Friday dinner will be a special time where we will invite one family to share a meal and fellowship with us.  We are looking forward to this special time.  Already I have reworked our schedule so that all week we are preparing for this special time.  This is our first week and already I am loving how this is focusing us all to think of others in everything we do.

Have a blessed Sabbath!


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