Week 2 of the Bible in 90 Days Challenge

Today is day 9 of the Bible in 90 days Challenge.  I am half way through Leviticus.  It is amazing to be blazing through the Bible at such lightning speed and to be honest I got a little behind the first week.  But thankfully Sabbath afternoon I spent a little extra time catching up.

It is about 40 minutes worth of readying every day.  This a luxury I do not get easily but I have made this commitment of getting up at 5 am every morning.  Oh, believe me it has not been easy–most mornings I am so tired I just want to roll over and snuggle deeper in the covers.  But I have not regretted making the “sacrifice”.  This time has also made it possible for some quiet time and alone time to exercise.  It is so much easier to exercise without a little one hanging on to your leg.

In my reading today the thing that struck me was the incredible detail that was involved in atoning sin and that sin has a price that must be paid.  Thankfully we have Jesus.  I am so thankful that His blood paid the price of sin.  But we still live in a sinful world and although I am not saying that we must live in a constant state of worry, “Have I sinned?”  Yes, God freely forgives but He also says that we must ask.  The psalmist said “search my heart”.  I have become convicted that I do not search my heart as I should, asking forgiveness of my fellow-man (namely my family) and of God.


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