Our curriculum

We start back to school tomorrow.  I thought I was better prepared than I was or perhaps I just had too many “new” ideas.  Thankfully my husband had to get hay for the horses and the kids all wanted to go with him.  That gave me most of the day to get things lined up.  I am now prepared for this week at least.

Everyone has a nice new planner that helps us all stay organized and on track.  The girls planners on top are based on the Letter of the Week curriculum by Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler.  Check out her site for great ideas, encouragement and great printables.  The boys planners, The Weekly Assignment Books for the Elementary Student and the Young Student, are the ones I designed this summer.  They made their own covers which I laminated for durability.

This will be the first time that we have a school room.  We have always just schooled on the dining room table or the couch.  It was not until this last spring when my husband moved his home office out of the house and into the church that for the first time in my life I have an office, a space I can call my own.  I have become very protective of this space and I have learned the value of having a place to call your own.  I am much more productive in my office.  (I will post later about my office.)  So we have taken over the dining room.  This is what we have so far.  There is still more that I want to do so I will be posting more as I get those done.

Girl's Desks and workboxes
Sam's desk,workboxes and Tiny Tots workboxes
Sam and Isaac's desks and workboxes
This was once my hutch and now is all my school supplies. I am so excited they are handy and neatly organized.
Our piano. One day we will own a real one;) The picture frames are awaiting pictures:0
Now if you are wondering what all those plastic shelved are for–we use the workbox system.  Below is what we have in our workboxes for tomorrow.
Hymn study: A Mighty Fortress
Spelling and Language Arts
Spelling and Language Arts for Isaac
Sam's arithmetic
Isaac's Arithmetic
Isaac's Bible Studies
Sam's bible Studies
Mystery of History Volume 3
Art Studies
Girls Activity
Letter of the week A
I will be using Five in a Row volume 1 with the girls. This will cover our reading, language arts, geography, social studies, science, math and much more.
We will begin our study in FIAR with The Glorious Flight. I found the book at our local library and they also had an audio book. I downloaded my Homeschool Share some activities and a lapbook to go along with the book. I will most later with links.

With 4 children starting school tomorrow and two tiny tots I had more than I can put into one post.  I will update more later this week and update you all on how our week is going.


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