Graham Family Ministries presents the Intentional Planner

Read what Sheri Graham has to say about this amazing new planner that she offers to us for an unbelievable price.  I have the 2009.2010 version and loved it.  But I am blown away with the improvements and additions that Sheri has added to this new planner.   This planner is a must have for the homeschool mom.

Yeah!!!….The 2010-2011 Edition of The Intentional Planner is now ready for sale in our Book Shop!  This planner is for July 2010 through December 2011 (18 months).  After many hours of editing and putting final touches on this ebook, I am so excited for you to see it!  The planner will now be a fully editable PDF file that will allow you to type your information into the file and then save it for future printing or editing!
This edition has been a labor of love (I won’t even talk about how I was almost completely done with the PDF file and the program crashed….totally messing up the file so that I had to start all over!).   In spite of the difficulties, with the Lord’s help I have it all done for you now.  I am also keeping the planner at the low price of $5.00.  Click here to go to our Book Shop where you can read all about the new edition and view some sample pages.  Test out the sample pages by typing into them so you can see what I mean…you really are going to love it!  I know I can’t wait to start using mine!
I pray that this planner will bless many of you as you strive to be “intentional” and better organized in your home and school.
In Christ,


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