Do you struggle with planning.  I use to be really good at it–or so I thought.  But those were the days I only kept track of 2 children.  Now I have 6 ranging in ages from 10-1 years old and I can no longer keep track of everyone. 

I my quest to find peace and order in our homeschool I have come across a new website to me,  I have received much encouragement and help as I close out this quarter and look to the next.  I have ordered a student planner

Although the website offers great information explaining the self teaching method this resource will tell you the how.

and look forward to having it in my hands.  Right now Joanne is having a great deal.  When you order a planner you get 2 seminars on the Self Teaching Method for free.  These seminars have been the most encouraging of all.  I encourage you to visit Joanne’s site.  Look around, read the philosophy behind the self teaching method and learn what kinds of results the Calderwood family has had with this method.  You will be amazed and encouraged.

The Homeschool Student Planner

Take opportunity of the special offer on the planners and home education resources–Read what Joanne had to say about this special offer from–Home of The Home School STUDENT Planners–Discover the Secret to Homeschooling Freedom!

 As a homeschooling parent you are certainly on a journey! You use a lot of tools on this journey, but many families have found that their most important and most indispensable tools are The Home School Student Planners and The Essential High School Planners.  These unique planners are designed to be used by students and are the key to organization and motivation!  If you are feeling overwhelmed, burned out, maybe frustrated with your students’ lack of joy, scared of failure,tired, worried that your children aren’t learning anything, or just discouraged with the state ofyour homeschool, be encouraged!


The High School STudent Planner

The Home School Student Planner is Home School FIRST AID!

The Home School Student Planners are perfect for use with any type of curriculum, but they are especially helpful for enabling your child to become self-teaching. Self-teaching is a gift you give to your children. It is a gift that keeps on giving and even gives back to YOU as well.  Check out the Top 20 Benefits of Self-Teaching!  Through Home School Enrichment Magazine, you can not only receive 20% off any order placed at, but for a limited time, you can also receive Joanne Calderwood’s 2-CD Set entitled The Secret to H omeschooling Freedom as a FREE download !  This CD Set retails for $49.99, but it is FREE with any purchase through May 31st.  Here is your opportunity to learn everything Joanne teaches on the Hows and Whys ofself-learning. For Free! (These are the seminars I found so encouraging!)

Save 20% off your total order at by entering HSE in the voucher section of the shopping cart during the checkout process. You will receive the link for your FREE digital download of The Secret to Homeschooling Freedom after the checkout process is complete. 276 Parks Drive Normandy, Tennessee 37360



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