Gluten Free

I have recently discovered that my body is much happier when I do not eat gluten.  This is very difficult for me because I normally bake 6-8 (large) loaves of bread for my family.  I am still learning a lot about this new gluten free world. 

If you are noticing some frustrating things happening to you when you eat things containing gluten (especially wheat) there are several reasons for this increasing trend.  I found some wonderful insights and advise from one of my favorite bloggers Robin Sampson at Heart of Wisdom Blog.  Check out her post for additional information.

If you are like me you have no idea how to bake without using wheat.  So I have been doing research in order to find good recipes for baking gluten free.  A great site I found was Jules Gluten Free.  But the best overall mix I have found is at Gluten Free Cooking School.

This is another great site Book of Yum that will get you connected to the gluten free world.

Even my family, none of which seem to have problems with gluten have been troopers in sampling my “new” creations and my husband says that he has felt more energetic going gluten free.

Check out the links and give gluten free a try.  With a little experimenting you can start enjoying some really nice bread again.


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