For the last 2 weeks I have been getting our family back on track and organized.  I usually try to reevaluate my home management schedule every six weeks.  I unfortunately let my schedule go more than 10 weeks and now I am paying for it.  

I used to think that when my schedule was no longer working then I had gotten it wrong in the first place.  I have come to realize that my family is constantly changing.  For example, when we started the school year (we start our school year with each new year) my baby was crawling around and still taking 2 naps a day.  Now he is walking and taking only one nap a day.  Also my families’ schedule has changed.  We have activities 3 nights a week–a little crazy, I know.  All this has wreaked havoc on my “perfect” schedule.  Hence I have to reevaluate.  The more often the better.  Sometimes I simply have to tweak a thing or two, other times I have to do a complete overhaul.  This time was a complete overhaul.

First thing I did was go to my husband and together we prayed and reevaluated our family’s schedule.

Then I pulled out Steven and Terri Maxwell’s book, “Managers Their Homes, A Practical Guide to Daily Scheduling for Christian Homeschool Families.”

 I heard the Maxwell’s speak at a Christian Homeschool Conference in Washington state.  I was impressed by this godly family and have found their resources to be invaluable.  This is the third year I have used their scheduling system. 

As I was reworking the new schedule I was thinking to myself if this schedule could be put into a program, one that would keep track of all the things that I need to keep in order to manage my home.  I found the program–the Daily Home Planner.  No more rewriting and reprinting.

 This is such an amazing program designed by a homeschooling mom.  In it you will be able to set up a routine for each person in the family, appointments with alerts, to do list, meals, journal, finances, goals and lists, contact list and household inventory.   The Daily Home Planner utilizes the principle of Managers of Their Homes.   You also have the option of downloading the program or using the online version.  Either way you can immediately start scheduling.

I was able to go about planning my new routine the same way that I did the paper version.  First I plan my schedule and the kids.  After Tobin saw my first schedule I made using the Managers of Their Homes three years ago he has wanted to be added to the schedule as well.  This is a wonderful addition because it helps me plan better to meet  my husbands needs and the kids like to know what daddy is up to during the day.  I then give Tobin the first draft for review.  Ladies asking your husbands to look at your schedule is a must.  Your husband is your most invaluable resource.  He knows you better than anyone and he also knows your children.  Often when I am in scheduling mode I get over zealous and a little too optimistic.  My first draft is often unrealistic.  Tobin is my safeguard to creating a schedule that will work–one that we all can follow.

Now that the outline of my days was in place I needed to update and schedule our daily chores.  For this I again turned to the Maxwell’s.

Managers of their Chores is a wonderful system for organizing yourself and your children to complete all the chores and tasks that have to been done.  Because the Maxwell’s have 8 children they are able to offer advice on managing wide age ranges in your children and managing a home with many people in it.

 In conjunction with Managers of their Chores I also use Motivated Moms Chore Planner.  This is a handy portable planner to carry around with you.

 Finally the last area that really needed some work was my school schedule and lesson plans.  I can’t tell you how many hours I spent creating a very detailed and elaborate schedule and lesson plans.  But as academic life goes we are far ahead in some areas and behind in others.  On Tobin’s advice, I have made the investment of a simple but so effective CM Organizer.  Click on the name to try it for free and to read the details of how versatile this program is.  No more rewriting and redoing.  With little work you can have all your lesson plans done and see the work for all the children in one place.  When your schedule changes you can adjust the lesson schedule to follow step with your life.
So overwhelmed and frazzled mom.  There is hope and you will get it all done.  Take the time to get yourself organized.  Stay organized and motivated to keep to your goals.  Then love and enjoy your family.  Finally remember, a schedule is not permanent.  Your life changes, your children change, your needs change.  Do constant reevaluations. 
God’s blessings as you plan your household management.

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